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We have had wonderful success promoting the pageant by having people participate in an email chain.

Just give us your email address, and from time to time, we will email pageant updates and info. Then, you can help us by forwarding the information on to the people in your address book who might be interested. Then if they forward it as well... See what I mean?

We just started a very small one, and it generated over a hundred hits on our web page, in a few days! That's a lot of hits for us, considering its not even showtime!

We hope you would not mind helping us out in this way, and of course, we will not use your address for other purposes.


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Please help spread the word about The Mormon Handcart Pageant by printing out this downloadable flyer

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Would you like to really help spread the word about The Mormon Handcart Pageant? Print a copy of our Ward Flyer and ask that it might be announced in your ward, stake, or other group!


We now have commercials on tv!

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